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Which Postnatal Vitamins do you Need?


1. Summary
2. Why do you need nutritional support in the postnatal phase?
3. Best vitamins after giving birth
4. Here are a few postnatal vitamins that are the most essential
5. How Diataal can help

Are you thinking about why a mother should start taking a postnatal multivitamin? Let us explain. The postnatal period for a mother is really important as the body goes through a lot of changes, both physically and mentally. In order to remain healthy, it becomes necessary to intake the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals post-childbirth. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of postpartum vitamins and list down the ones that are particularly important at this time. We will also highlight the vitamins that can be found in Diataal and can support the good health of new mothers.

Why do you need nutritional support in the postnatal phase?

Within six weeks of delivering, the postpartum (or postnatal) phase starts as the mother’s body, including hormone levels and uterus size, returns to a non-pregnant state. For the first six weeks after childbirth, the postpartum period is when a mother starts adjusting to the changes that the body has been through. But, this period comes with its share of problems. There are physical issues such as infections, trouble peeing, constipation, and haemorrhoids. Other problems include unexpected mood swings, irritability, indecision, and anxiety. Having a postnatal supplement might help but consult your doctor as soon as possible if you have persistent depression that interferes with daily activities. It could be a symptom of postpartum depression, which is quite alarming. But by consuming the best vitamins after giving birth, you can take a step towards your holistic well-being.

Mother Holding Her Baby

A happy mother leads to a happy baby!

Best vitamins after giving birth

To ensure breastfeeding moms receive the essential nutrients required for both, their own and their baby’s optimal health, a well-balanced diet is probably insufficient. The World Health Organization advises breastfeeding mothers to keep taking postnatal vitamins throughout the breastfeeding process.

Here are a few postnatal vitamins that are the most essential:-

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D strengthens the brain, neural system, and immune system while lowering the risk of postpartum depression and anxiety. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, fortified dairy products, orange juice, egg yolks, etc. combined with the best postnatal multivitamin, is the finest food sources of vitamin D. Children also need enough vitamin D from the mother’s breast milk and therefore, new mothers must ensure that it’s a vital part of their diet. Overall, Vitamin D is hands down, one of the most needed postnatal vitamins.


Restoring the iron you lose following childbirth is crucial. If you are nursing, your iron reserves provide your infant with iron which helps with optimal thyroid function and development. Red meat, liver, clams, oysters, green leafy vegetables, liver, and after delivery multivitamin tablets, are all excellent sources of iron.

Most Nutritious Food And Vegetables

Eating them will make your immune system stronger!

Vitamin B12:

B12 is necessary for healthy red blood cell development, the creation of energy, and the formation of our DNA. Babies with low B12 levels and mothers who consume a low amount of postnatal vitamins tend to be crankier and are more likely to experience developmental delays, poor brain development, etc. Animal products including clams, tuna, liver, cattle, and salmon are the finest sources of this vitamin. Additionally, fortified dairy products, cereals and most postnatal multivitamins include the benefits of this nutrient.

Vitamin A:

Your body requires more vitamin A after having birth. Infants have low vitamin levels at birth, so your baby relies on your breast milk to meet its vitamin A requirements. Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins after giving birth as it helps in strengthening the immune systems of infants. Additionally, Vitamin A contributes to healthy vision, aids better eyesight in low light, keeps the lining and skin of body parts healthy, etc.

Fresh Carrots

Carrots are one of the best sources of Vitamin A

How Diataal can help

Diataal is one of the greatest multivitamin tablets available after delivery. Why do we say this? Because they are rich in the vital vitamins that new moms require at this crucial time.

Diataal NutriPop

However, taking Diataal tablets alone won’t instantly fix all of your issues. To regain optimal health and regain your energy levels with postnatal multivitamins , you’ll need to get enough rest, eat a healthy diet, and exercise a lot. The journey of going back to normalcy after having a delivery is a very long and arduous one, but with the best postnatal multivitamins, the journey can get a lot easier!

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