Minerals that Diataal offers

Why do we need the minerals that Diataal offers

From the minute you start your day, you need to get going! Only if you keep healthy, can you tick mark your to-do for the day. Wondering how you can keep healthy? Through healthy meals and one Diataal daily. Diataal is loaded with the goodness of 16 vitamins and minerals. Minerals are essential as they help with three vital body functions—building strong bones and teeth, controlling body fluids, and turning food into energy.

In this blog, we will be highlighting the minerals that can be found in Diataal, the natural food sources through which you can consume them and the problems that their deficiency leads to.

Elemental Zinc

Zinc is an essential trace mineral and is required for various aspects of the body’s metabolism. These include protein synthesis, wound healing, etc. It is also vital for growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.

Food sources

● Beans

● Nuts

● Dairy products, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to

− Loss of appetite, taste, smell

− Decreased functioning of immunity system, etc.

Elemental Selenium

Another trace mineral, Selenium helps in the formation of DNA, protects against cell damage and infections, etc.

Food sources

Protein foods are generally a good source of selenium

● Seafood

● Brazilian nuts

● Cereals, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to

− Depressed mood

− Anxiety

− Confusion, etc.

Elemental Phosphorus

The second most important mineral for the body after Calcium, Phosphorous is needed for the formation of bone and teeth, to make protein, etc.

Food sources

● Poultry

● Legumes

● Nuts, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to

− Loss of appetite

− Anxiety

− Irregular breathing, etc.

Elemental Manganese

Another trace mineral, Manganese helps the body with the formation of connective tissues, bones, blood-clotting factors and sex hormones.

Food sources

● Whole grains

● Oysters

● Soybeans, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to-

− Skin rashes

− Hair depigmentation, etc.

Elemental Boron

As a trace mineral, Boron is essential for wound healing, boosts magnesium absorption, ensures the growth and maintenance of bone, etc.

Food sources

● Raisins

● Peanuts

● Apples, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to-

− Poor attention

− Short-term memory, etc.

Elemental Copper

Copper is vital for the production of red blood cells, for maintaining our immunity system, etc.

Food sources

● Nuts

● Whole Grains, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to-

− Walking difficulty

− Pale skin, etc.

Elemental Chromium

Chromium aids insulin action, glucose breakdown, facilitates brain functions, etc.

Food sources

● Spices

● Nuts, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to-

− Weight loss

− Increased risk of diabetes, etc.

Elemental Molybdenum

Elemental Molybdenum activates enzymes which can help in breaking down toxin sulfites and prevent toxins from growing in the body.

Food sources:

● Legumes

● Grains, etc.

Its deficiency can lead to-

− Decreased fertility

− Poor bone health, etc.

Now you know why these essential minerals deserve to be a part of your routine! Let’s start investing in healthy lifestyle habits and Diataal right now!

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